You pour out. We pour in.

Providing deep rest + care for Christian leaders
and their marriages


Leaders get tired

Unique demands, high expectations, and hurried pace create a drift from the things that really matter: a vibrant marriage + healthy soul. We help you have both.

You’ll rediscover truths that have been buried in exhaustion. You’ll have space to address neglected issues that tend to recede in the wake of overload. And you’ll have plenty of time to rest and connect. We’ve got you covered, one couple at a time.

10|10 is the go-to source for exceptional care, offering professional counseling + restorative retreats for 21st century Christian leaders and their spouses.

Robyn and Joey specialize in Christian marriage retreats


Twenty-five years ago, while at Fuller Theological Seminary, we realized that many of our peers would experience burnout in ministry in a shorter time than it took to officially prepare for it. From there began our desire to serve Christian leaders, both individuals and couples.

Through the seasons we have personally wrestled exhaustion, overload, and the disconnect that often follows, and we are compelled with compassion for the weary.


We’re in a much better place than we were before the retreat! There is a calm and carefree spirit in our home. We feel strongly connected to each other, like we’re on the same team. We have hope again!

Bridget Asheim, Executive Director of HopeKids North Texas, Keller, TX

Your ministry is worth it. Your marriage is worth it. You’re worth it.