Your ministry is worth it.  Your marriage is worth it.  You're worth it.

  • prescott retreat

    Our three to five day custom retreats are designed with intentional space to linger, to reconnect with truths that have been buried in exhaustion and overload. With first-class hospitality and one-on-one professional counseling, our leaders are on the receiving end of grace and truth, many for the first time in years. Well-appointed guest quarters, situated at the home of the directors of 10 | 10, offer privacy, comfort, and relaxation. Enjoy nearby amenities, including quaint coffee shops, restaurants, hiking, biking, jeeping, small boat excursions, pool, jacuzzi, and work-out facilities.      (more pics)

  • San Diego Retreat

    Our five day, four night retreat, hosted at Halfmoon Inn and Suites, is nestled on Shelter Island, an ideal setting to unwind and restore. With the San Diego skyline across the bay, couples will enjoy all the services of 10 | 10 along with the amenitites of a full resort. Just a seven minute ride from the airport to your marina-view suite, every minute is stewarded toward your rest and renewal. Beautiful, lush grounds, luxurious accommodations, noteworthy restaurants you can walk or bike to, multiple recreational opportunities along with the exceptional services 10 | 10 is known for, your retreat is sure to replenish!      (more pics)

  • international retreat

    We'll come to you!

    10 | 10 Ministries reaches ministry leaders and staff in their unique corners of the world. With customized, mobile retreats, we bring restorative hospitality and professional counseling to you and your team for a fraction of the cost of traveling to the States. Let us be the source for your member care.

    Contact us for pricing and availability.

What others are saying...

“We spent a week with Robyn during a furlough specifically to process and unbury three years of rough ministry work. We were amazed at how quickly Robyn got to the heart of every issue and guided us toward forgiveness, healing, and a way forward. And when we left, we were lighter and tremendously more equipped to enter back into the work. We came back to Cambodia with a plan for healthy living - spiritually and emotionally. We came back renewed for the long haul. We came back better. We thank God for 10|10!”

Rachel Meyer, Becki Sardeson, & Kimberly Hogsett

Serving in the anti-trafficking field, Cambodia

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