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Living full doesn't mean living fast. We do well to consider the cost of our pursuits and commitments with family, work, friends, ministries, and other aspects where success and fulfillment are desired. Doing life well requires some balance between work and rest, and this is best achieved by adopting a sustainable pace as we set about our day. Imagine if you weren't in a hurry....

We tend to fill our calendars and our heads with lots of stuff. Consider slowing down a bit, creating some more space than usual in your day and your week. What would it take to live with an unhurried pace? Is it worth the cost of making some changes?

Arizona Shine (FM 103.9) interview

In November 2016 Joey & Robyn were invited to Arizona Shine (FM 103.9) radio station to talk about their passion for 10|10 Ministries.

Listen to the recorded interviews here!  They are deeply grateful for the local excitement, exposure, and experience.