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We offer professional biblical counseling and coaching when you're discouraged, depleted, or at a crossroad.

When you invite another to walk with you in your ambiguity, your pain, and the journey to more freedom, God's love and power begin to work more deeply in your life.

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Starting Points

  • Unmasking the signs of burnout and compassion fatigue
  • Identifying spiritual seasons: winter, spring, summer, fall
  • Shifting paradigms: rhythm versus balance, abundance versus scarcity
  • Understanding productive rest and Sabbaticals
  • Creating restorative niches for sustained self-care
  • Knowing personal limits and setting relational boundaries
  • Grieving losses
  • Capturing the inner-critic and dethroning destructive mindsets
  • Exploring satisfaction, conflict, and connection within marriage
  • Vocational vision casting
  • Embracing life stages and paradoxes among ministry demands

what others are saying...

"10 | 10 has been an invaluable resource for me and has helped me understand myself and my wiring. Joey has a serious gift for helping high-capacity leaders discover their deeper emotions and motivations so they can find healing and peace in Christ. His counsel has not only brought me peace and clarity, it has also born fruit that remains in my marriage, ministry, and relationships. Together, Joey and Robyn are a relevant resource for couples in ministry. They both relate to the unique challenges common among ministry marriages. Their couples counseling sessions are more beneficial than any other ministry-marriage resources I know of."

John S. Dickerson, Author, Speaker, Teaching Pastor, Venture Christian Church

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