Restorative Retreats


San Diego

Your five day, four night retreat, hosted at Halfmoon Inn and Suites, is nestled on Shelter Island, an ideal setting to unwind and restore with daily counseling sessions and ample time for rest. With the San Diego skyline across the bay, you will enjoy all the services of 10 | 10 along with the amenities of a full resort: beautiful, lush grounds, luxurious accommodations, noteworthy restaurants and coffee shops you can walk or bike to, and multiple recreational opportunities, including sailing excursions on our private Catalina 25 sailboat.


Your five day, four night retreat, hosted in well-appointed guest quarters at the home of the directors of 10|10, is tucked away in the mile-high quaint town of Prescott. Privacy, first-class hospitality, and daily counseling sessions allow you to replenish and relax. Explore the award-winning courthouse square, coffee houses, and seasonal outdoor entertainment. Enjoy hiking, biking, boulder climbing, or kayaking around the nearby lakes and trails. Or, simply discover the many outdoor niches on the property to read or nap.
Pleasantly surprised this was not a typical cheesy christian-eezy thing. It was raw + real. We communicated about sensitive issues for the first time in awhile. Spouse of Pastor, Walnut Creek, CA

Marriage counseling retreats in a beautiful setting


10|10 reaches Christian leaders in their unique corners of the world. With customized, mobile retreats, we bring restorative hospitality, professional counseling and teaching to you and your team. Let us be the source for your member care.
Marriage counseling retreats as well as small group retreats like this one

Small Group

We accommodate group retreats up to 12 in San Diego, offering daily teaching, 1:1 counseling, and an afternoon sail. We customize the time to meet your specific needs.

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